Washington (reporter correspondent Jin Chunhua Feng Wei) Party committees (Party committee,) the main person in charge of the unit selection plays an important role in people, but in reality there are leading cadres work in risk awareness and prevention capabilities to further improve the problem in the selection. In response to these problems, recently, Shaoxing issued the "Party committee (party, committee) is mainly responsible for the candidates who focus on risk prevention list" (hereinafter referred to as "list"). The "list" in Shaoxing county (city, district) committee and the municipal departments of Party committees (Party committee,) is mainly responsible for attention in the process of the trends and tendencies of problems of selection and appointment of cadres and other needs of the listed risk point of 36, according to the risk severity from grade 19, grade II serious risk the 13 major risk grade III, general risk 4, red, yellow and blue warning. The whole risk prevention mechanism consists of three mechanisms: risk information discovery mechanism, risk grade assessment mechanism and risk warning signal disposal and accountability mechanism. Among them, the risk warning signal disposal and accountability mechanism, once the main leadership personnel risk warning, organization departments according to the situation and level of risk, take reminder, letters, etc. the service immediately launched the emergency response, to take corresponding measures. The risk of level 1 or red warning, in-depth investigation and verification after the case, according to the relevant provisions of the regulations on the main party leaders make a serious deal.