Keqiao district through "going out" enterprise development strategy, further expand enterprise development space. Yesterday, reporters from Keqiao District Bureau of Commerce, 1~10 months of this year, the new batch of overseas investment enterprises (for the record) 7, the capital of 1, a total investment of $213 million 795 thousand, an increase of 507.32%, of which China's investment of $142 million 295 thousand, an increase of 304.21%. It is understood that the current Keqiao District total approved (for the record) overseas investment enterprises 492, six continents around the world 65 countries and regions involved in textile manufacturing and trade, Turisthotellet development, stone mining, animal husbandry, brewing, culture media, construction engineering contracting industry. The earlier implementation of the "going out" strategy of Keqiao district construction enterprises in recent years, with the "The Belt and Road" strategy, to further expand the enterprise development space. Currently, the region's new construction of modern enterprises in more than and 80 countries have operating results, including treasure industry, Seiko has been built outside the 9 industrial base. China Textile City Shaoxing Meisi import and export limited company general manager Qian Shiming told reporters that the "go out", this year's foreign trade exports grew more than 15%. Enterprises set up a window in the overseas market, fired its own brand in overseas influence. Keqiao District Bureau of Commerce official said, "go out" overseas investment activities, and earnestly solve the development of local enterprises are facing the shortage of raw materials, brands overseas upstream awareness is not high, the marketing network is not smooth, limited space for development and other issues, effectively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation development.