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    Washington (reporter correspondent Jin Chunhua Feng Wei) Party committees (Party committee,) the main person in charge of the unit selection plays an important role in people, but in reality there are leading cadres work in risk awareness and prevention capabilities to further improve the problem in the selection. In response to these problems, recently, Shaoxing issued the "Party committee (party, committee) is mainly responsible for the candidates who focus on risk prevention list" (hereinafter referred to as "list").

    Keqiao district through "going out" enterprise development strategy, further expand enterprise development space. Yesterday, reporters from Keqiao District Bureau of Commerce, 1~10 months of this year, the new batch of overseas investment enterprises (for the record) 7, the capital of 1, a total investment of $213 million 795 thousand, an increase of 507.32%, of which Chinas investment of $142 million 295 thousand, an increase of 304.21%.

    In January, Liang Hu Zhen two village cultural auditorium will be built with Wang Lili invited the troupe to show beautiful magnolia District, the two days she has begun to arrange performances and performers; the Lunar New Year is coming, "sunshine cultural action" concert began scheduled sessions, Wang Lili early to begin preparations for the help, Wen Yue Opera Troupe and gorgeous Mulan troupe and other programs, then she will be with the orchestra......